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Dear Friends,

First of all we want to thank you for your interest in our festival. Some of you have to send the application form.


Dorkovo is a small village in the heart of the western Rhodopes  mountain, 14km from the famous mineral baths and spa town of Velingrad.

Dorkovo is situated 992m. above sea level, close to the famous town and lake of Batak.

Dorkovo is known in Bulgaria and Europe due to the International Folklore Festival, held every year in the middle of summer.

In its very end in 1985, the largest pale ontological finding of mastodons (from 5 – 6 million years ago) was discovered.

Tsepina was a castle and town in the western Rhodope mountains, southern Bulgaria, now in ruins. It is located at 6km. from the Dorkovo village in the north-eastern part of the Chepinska valley.

The town was built on steep heights 1,136 meter above the sea level. Its outer walls closed an area of 25 decares and were dominated by a citadel located at the top of the cliff.

The foundations of three churches have been excavated as well as four large water storage tanks up to 10m. deep.

History: in the Middle Age Tsepina was one of the most important Bulgarian fortresses in the Rhodope region .The Bulgarians took the castle in the 9th century but with the end of the First Bulgarian Empire in the begining of the  11th century the Byzantines conquered it.

Tsepina was liberated by Emperor Kaloyan (1197-1207). In 12th -14th century in grew as an important city and one of the strongest, strongholds of the Second Bulgarian Empire. It was a seat of despot Aleksey Slav. Between 1246 and 1254 it was under Byzantine control but Emperor Mikhail Asen (1246-1256) managed to retake the fortress.

Around 1373 Tsepina was seized by the Turks under the command of Dand pasha after a bloody 9 month siege but only after the Ottomans cut off the water-conduit. Soon after that it was abandoned by its inhabitants.


History of the Festival:

In 1996 the board of the cultural community,”St.St.Cyrill and Methodius, village of Dorkovo, takes the initiative to carry out a festival for authentic folklore which has to coincide with the traditional country feast committed to St.Ilia.With the support of the Dorkovo municipality, Rakitovo municipality, the Ministry of Culture , foundations and local businessmen, the festivals of 1997 and 1998 are successfully carried out.In 1999 with the support of the “Roads” foundation –an official representative of the C.I.O.F.F. in Bulgaria – the festival becomes an international event.

General conditions: 

International Folklore Festival in  Dorkovo is part of the national cultural life. It is held every year by the end of July in the village of Dorkovo-Bulgaria. The Festival’s duration is four days.

Conditions of the partisipation: 

1.The festival is going to be held on the 28,29 and 30.July.These days are Friday, Saturday and Sunday, respectively.
2.The foreign groups are expected to come on Friday-28.July.
3.Your own transportation would be a must and we appreciate it very much.
4.The Organizators pay for your stay here, in Bulgaria – Yor meals-three times daily and your accommodation. You will sleep at proper places with normal living conditions.Be ready to eat traditional Bulgarian food in the school.
5.Please, prepare your programme-we expect a meeting with your AUTHENTIC folklore. We would like to see beautiful dancing, singing and music playing. Because we have three days festival -be ready with at least three demonstrations of your skills – not longer than 30 minutes each, and the first may be a short-10 minutes demonstration  –  it is a kind of  defile.
6.Please,pay attention to the number of the group-no more than 30 people.If you are more-that will causes troubles to the hosts.Let ,if possible,your group members be at age above 16.
7.During the festival you visit archeological sites near the Dorkovo.
8. Exchange between the groups- The groups who can invite our folkdance group to their festivals will be given priority.
9. Please, confirm your agreement with our conditions no later than the end of March 10, in order for us to have the time to assemble the committee and choose the partakers.

July 28 2017


Start: 28 July
End: 30 July
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