FolkWay & OPEN WAYS – The Profile


The FolkWay project founded in 2016, it is located in Northern Greece, based in Thessaloniki and its main occupation focuses on the field of folklore and alternative tourism at the same way.

The FolkWay is the evolution of ProPantos fork and it is currently active in the organization of cultural festivals, seminars, conferences and other educational programs and activities with folklore character.

We tend to co-operate with local entities, municipalities as well as cultural associations in a fruitful and effective way, by participating in various folklore programs, festivals and activities all over the world. It is also widely known that FolkWay organizes its own folklore events with great success and know-how (Cultural Camps, Greek Culture Seminars, Greek Folklore Dance Seminars) which is an alternative way of tourism among people of different countries.

Expertise, experience, reliability and loyalty. These are the main words that decribe the FolkWay project over the years. We can guarantee you the effectiveness, the quality and the success in all of our festivals while some of them will make you understand the importance of cultural life in everyday life.

FolkWay has the ability to support and arrange any kind of folklore events during all the preparation stages: the conception of the main festival idea, the organization proccedure, the booking as well as the decoration of the final event place, the sponsorships and the advertising plans, the selection of the folklore groups that will participate in the events and of course their hospitable accommodation.

All the members of FolkWay team are people of cultural sensitivities and their principal aim is to highlight the local tradititons and the folklore culture of each country as well as to promote the cultural tourism in order to preserve our priceless cultural heritage and identity.

As years go by, the value of our culture and the need for public entertainment becomes greater and greater. By organizing quality and impressive folklore events and activities in Greece, we want to give a breath of joy and optimism as well as the best possible view of our local community, history and of course culture.

Hence, feel free to contact FolkWay team whenever you really need in order to inform you in detail about our folklore event services while there is also the possibility to meet us in personal in favor of eliminating the distance, the alienation and the formality of the technological evolution.

Our experience, our ideas, our know-how in accordance with our professionalism and creative approach combined with the realibility and loyalty of  OPEN WAYS, ensuring quality and success in all our folklore events.


OPEN WAYS was created in 2020 with the aim of opening new roads and offering innovative solutions in a rapidly changing world. Fresh ideas, creative design and strategy with innovation and quality as common denominator is OPEN WAYS’s proposal to organize top events, quality educational and scientific programs and unique travel experiences.

OPEN WAYS may be a start-up company but it came from the collaboration of people with great and successful track record in the fields of tourism, hotels, organizing events of all kinds, creative thinking, communication and public relations as well as business initiative.